Life Saver River Cruise Benefit

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Life Saver River Cruise Benefit

Thanks to all who joined us at the 2nd annual Life Saver River Cruise Benefit on Wednesday, August 17th. We had a wonderful evening enjoying boat cruises along the river, live music, cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and a whole lot of fun... all in the spirit of protecting our community's children.


589 pinwheels were placed around the marina for the evening, each one representing a child served at Willow Tree last year. This was a very visual reminder of the reason we were all there and the need for prevention and support services in our community.


Thank you to our guests and sponsors for coming out in support of the children of our community!





Click here to Become a Sponsor. For more information, contact Willow Tree Advisory Board members Christy Policy (917-301-2297) or Tim Kneeland (920-619-5662) or